We strive for safe, organized, and challenging rides that are designed to maximize your potential.  Our goal is to get 100% of our members to cycle during the week.  Our rides are supported by our very own members who volunteer to provide SAG support for the team. Volunteering for SAG enhances our knowledge of essential road safety and allows for each member to contribute to the safety of riders.

Our Executive Leadership Team

Our leaders are here to help ensure our team is successful on and off the road.

Evan Ledet

[email protected]

Valree Booker

[email protected]

Sharon Whitfield 


Maria Thomas

Recruitment Director

Michael Forte’

Public Relations Coordinator

Darrell Hubbard

Ride Coordinator
[email protected]

Noland McMillan

Advocacy Coordinator

Tomiya Melvin

Community Service Coordinator
[email protected]

Cycling Training Program


Developing a comprehensive riding program with four targeted training groups:  Sprint, Pursuit, 6-Day, and Marshall Pace.

Health and Wellness tips for the everyday cyclist.